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Western Art

NEW Barns at Big Fork
I was with my wife, Beth exploring the grasslands north of Flathead Lake near Bigfork, MT when we happened upon these dilapidated barns. I high sun was bouncing pink light off their tin roofs, and all around them was an expanse of natural beauty. I painted three different skies until I found one that fit the desolate mood of the painting. Oil on linen, 24" x 30", $2,800.
NEW Near Blackfoot River
Oil on canvas, 11" x 14", $1,200
Spotlight on the Bitterroots
I captured a full sequence of the sun setting setting on the Bitterroot Mountains while returning from a full day of en plein air painting south of Missoula, MT.
My palette for this painting includes pale greens for the pine trees in the distance, gray purples on the mountains, and a blend of burnt sienna, ochre, alizarine crimson, ultramarine blue, and ultramarine purple for the foreground.
Oil on linen, 20" x 30". Five Valleys, MT 2018 exhibit and auction. Private collection.
NEW Near Flathead Lake
Oil on canvas, 11" x 14", $1,200
Clark Fork River
And the Clark River runs through it, literally. This is my friend, Jim's ranch in Missoula, MT and this is his favorite view. A partly cloudy day sent shards of warm light across the valley, illuminating the far bank. I dipped into my cadmiums for the center of the painting and burnt umber, dark gray, and ultramirine purple for the shadowy foreground. Private collection.
Near Valeo Ranch
Initially, I set up my easel to the right of this vantage point for my color study.
Back in my studio, I shifted to the left to avoid back-lighting and to let in more color. Oranges, violets, and burnt sienna then took over. North Shore Arts Association, MA 2017 exhibit and auction. Private collection.
Along Grant Creek
This was my running route along Grant Creek in one trip to Missoula, MT.
I returned later in the day with my easel to capture the scene. As I was setting up, an elk pranced across the field to the left. A setting sun popped bright autumn colors against the mountain pines, requiring me to lay warm cadmiums next to cool blue-gray-greens. Private collection.
Late Afternoon at Monture Creek
We had been exploring east of Missoula, MT all day when we happened upon this tranquil scene. The sun was starting to set behind nearby mountains; the light was low and warm. I used ochre and burnt sienna augmented with ultramarine violet to keep the palette soft and rich. Oil on linen, 20" x 30". Missoula Art Museum MT 2018 exhibit and auction. Private collection.
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