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NEW Forest Drumlin
I came across this scene while hiking in Maine -- a mound of rock deposited by a glacier -- that I later found out is called a "drumlin". With the trees growing on it, it looks like a mini-mountain in the middle of the woods. I love the light splashing on everything, and the slight pink cast it gives the tree trunks and forest floor.
Oil on canvas, 16" x 20", $1,800.
NEW Guardians
The Crooked River wanders through central Maine, sometimes busting its banks with summer rain and sometimes shallow and placid. This day it was very quiet; low spring light warmed the boulders and peeped through the dense pines. It was fun contrasting the cool green and blue forest colors with the warm ochres and hot pinks of the rocks. Oil on canvas, 16" x 20", $1,800.
NEW Mill Pond
This is the outflow of our lake in Maine, just before the water cascades over the dam. I've been staring at this scene for many years, and finally decided to paint it. Key to the composition is the "gateway" of light that draws you in and ads what little drama exists. The rest is listless grass (this season's and last) that decorates the placid waters. Oil on canvas, 16" x 20", $1,800.
NEW Still Waters
This my second painting of Screw Auger Falls in New Hampshire. In both paintings, I focused on the sunlight breaking through the dense forest, shining spotlights on the spectacular boulders. After the water trickles through the rocks in the center of the painting, it gathers and then plunges through narrow gorges that look like a giant auger. This was an opportunity to use warm browns with cool greens, and to show objects above, in, and below still waters.
Oil on linen, 18" x 24", $1,800.
NEW Beaver Pond
Named for the beaver that swam past me, this is a bend in the Crooked River that flows through central Maine. It is high noon, and the light is sizzling. I spent more time painting the shadows than I did the sizzle, where there is much coolness to offset the warm rocks. Oil on canvas, 20" x 30". $2,200.
NEW Hidden Pond
This scene sits to the right of Beaver Pond, and has the same mid-day palette and emphasis on shadow detail. Because I love diagonals, I was careful to capture the irregular shoreline and emphasize reflections in order to balance the dominant horizontal. Oil on linen, 20" x 30", $2,200.
McWain Hill Birches I
I spent a warm, breezy afternoon capturing this beautiful Maine scene near our summer cottage. I painted a small en plein air color study, then took multiple photos at different times of day. As the light shifted, the foreground shadows revealed rich umbers and deep neutral greens.The final painting was executed on a larger canvas in my studio. Selected for the 2017 juried regional exhibit at The Guild of Boston Artists. Oil on linen, 20" x 30", $2,500.
McWain Hill Birches II
This is the second painting I did of these monumental birch trees located in a high pasture in south central Maine. This is the shade side of the other image, McWain Hill Birches I. In this one, I'm focused on the quiet shade colors -- blue-greens and purples for the grass, and burnt sienna and umber where the grass is sparse and the bark is in shadow. Oil on linen, 18" x 24", $1,800.
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